Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ear is feeling better today although there are still twangs and when I touch the left side of my face it is very tender and makes me flinch.

Today is a down day, not feeling hideously down but suitably fed up with joblessness. I looked at the local courses at hammersmith and fulham adult education and just didnt see anything I wanted to do at all....I am now trying to fix up some volunteer work. Looking at the do-it website. I can see the purpose of doing volunteer work to meet more people and get contacts but I find it hard. I have done so much unpaid work both here and in America and thought I had moved on from all of this. I had a great job, ok money and thought things were going good. Now I feel inferior and inadequet. I am in charge of my own destiny, I realise and keep picking myself up as I always will!

Moving on too something different. We went to sainsburys at the top of the road last night and got junk food, pepporoni pizza and carrot and walnut cake. Pizza was scrum although I felt guilty as hell for eating it but the walnut cake was a bit dissappointing. Nothing better than sitting down when its all cold and depressing outside then to sit down with a gorg cup of tea and piece of cake huggled next to your boyf......ummmmm

Right will get back to surfing and enquiring about doing constructive things with my life!


Blogger Katie said...

Hi Little white Smurf, Glad to know you like the blog and thanks for your email. Glad to hear that your ears are better(joke!) LOL!

I was going to put a picture of myself up on my blog but blogger wouldn't allow the URL as it was too long so put up a picture of my lovely home town's fountain and the Howard Shopping centre in the background!

If you go to a site http://www.macintyrecharity.org.uk
and click on "View all news stories" and then click on "Transition Project goes Live" you will be able to see a picture of me then, and if you click on see the web pages you can read my story of my personal experiences about leaving home!
Enjoy it!

5:48 PM  

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