Saturday, September 17, 2005


I pose to you a question?

Why do I have one foot bigger than the other. Just went in to town today to get some new trainers, well actually they are converse boots. So I am standing in the shop looking at the sizes and my boyfriend says to me "well arent you going to try them on? No, I reply size 5 always fits me no hassles". Size 5 does always fit me no probs but I forgot occassionally it doesnt. This time it didn't hit me until it was too late and I got them home!

At home, I sit on the edge of the bed and eagerly unpack my brand spanking new shoes from the bag and put them on. Left foot goes on fine, then I put my right foot in and struggle a little. I tie them up and walk up and down, like your mum used to tell you to in the shoe shops when you were a kid (god I used to hate shoe shopping!) My toes seemed a little squished and I think time will tell whether they are going to rub or not. More importantly I am going to have to scuff them up a bit. I hate new trainers, I feel like such a geek wearing them its so obvious and some how a little embarrassing, not quite sure why!

Going off to cook some chicken thai green curry now...ummm :)


Blogger Katie said...

I know what you mean on this post Kristina, I have a leg that is shorter than the other and is difficult to get clothes for and I also have trouble standing sometimes which kills me!

5:31 PM  

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