Sunday, September 11, 2005

The First Post

I will set the scene, its around 2.15 on a grey, wet day in London. My boyfriend is in the kitchen cooking me lunch, its a suprise, he's got the door shut to the kitchen, I had a faint waft of tuna and had to find a tin of chopped tomatoes and thats all I know!

I have had two blogs in my lifetime as a blogger but never kept to them for more than a day or two. This time I am determined to. I need to get in to a routine of storing my ideas up and then putting fingers to keyboard and writing them up here.

I smell tuna even more now and I am really hungry, trying to do the GI diet and there is not much in the house to eat.

I want a really good book to get in to, I have just discoverd Mo Hayder and read "The Treatment" it was totally and utterly disturbing but I now want a book of equally disturbing proportions to get hooked to as well!!!


Anonymous gimpy_mumpy said...

Hello LWS. Just stumbled upon your site through Turtle's blog.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Little White Smurf said...

oooh, this world of blogging is exciting, I am now going to hit on your link and have a squizz round your blog!

2:30 PM  
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