Sunday, September 18, 2005


This has been playing on my mind a bit......I won't go into too much detail, but I am currently not working, doing a bit of freelance here and there and going to do some nannying for a friend. So desperate to get back to work you would not believe, for my sanity, dignity, finances and every other emotion under the sun.

So, I went to see a DEA (disability employment advisor) a couple of weeks back, a fat jolly lady whom on the surface knew what, say the
RNIB was and the name of the access techonology I use to be able to see a computer (zoomtext) but other than that was pretty inafectual and wouldn't have understood the emotional or practical side of being a VI jobseeker (maybe its not her job I don't know??)

Anyhoo, she mentioned that I could claim my travel expenses no matter where it was for myself and another person but also £100 to buy clothes for an interview....At first my pride stopped me and I thought ef off, hand outs from the government na uh uh!! Now, however, my mood has changed and I have decided to accept it graciously. So I am eagerly awaiting my next interview (you need to prove you have one by sending in a letter inorder to get your grubby hands on the cash!) and then I am off to spend their dosh. Question is, is it just disableds who get this or is it everyone? If so why would this be?

Not complaining nor nuffink!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, answer to your question, evey one can get money from the job centre for clothes to go to an interview. about 5 years ago i got £200 off them to get some clothes. but im not sure if the amount has changed. but i still no every one can still get it.

As your comment about the DEA i can really understand about them not unbderstanding you, as iv heared it all before from my sister who is total blind n every time she has o go to a DEA she all ways tell me it was a waste of time. so its not just that womens fault its a National problem, they just dont understand disabled people.

A couple of years ago my sister even came 2nd in the country in a law course at college even beatting sighted people but she still cant get a job working with a law firm. So she has now train up to be a CAB advisor, now she has passed most off the training, with some1 else doing the computer side off the work cos they had not got a screen reader for. She may have to rethink about doing it because for months they have promised to buy JAWS 6 which she use's at home. They have now gone back on there word and telling her that they are going to buy SUPERNOVA which she has no idea on how to use, so it will mean her trying to learn how to use it without any traing as they dont have the funds for some1 to come in and teach her...... its a disgrace how people treat disabled people.

soz if i went on to long. paul

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Blogger Katie said...

Hi Kristina, Glad to see you're back blogging, I know when Damon sees you'e back he'll love it, I think he's missed your blog. Have you been reading his? He's had trouble with his eyes and poor Liam's not been well!

4:21 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Hi... thanks for sending me your direction. I'll be watching to see how this blog develops. As dor the transport reimbursements for DEA visits, a man I know has a good scam going. Though he is fully ambulant and lives a mere 10 minute walk from the job centre where her DSA is based, he always buys and then claims for an all-day unlimited multi-network travel pass. And then uses it, I believe, for all manner of local excursions..!

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