Monday, September 19, 2005


I fell asleep last night listening to an audiobook (Mo Hayder Birdman) with headphones squished in to my ears. When I woke this morning at 5.30 I had this incredible pain in my lugholes and have got a blinking ear infection. I have OCD about cleaning my ears out and I have tried to minimise my cotton bud usage to a minimum. I now use this stuff you squirt in to your ear. So I don't know if this is due to my obsessions with over squirting, over budding or the headphones. I am prone to ear infections but havent had one for a couple of years. Its making me feel a bit misserable and drained.

Boyfriend is working at home today so I am sat in the lounge with my laptop, made bean, tomato and bacon wraps for lunch and now fancy a hazelnut cookie and cup of tea.

Got some more irons in the fire with regards jobs a couple of agency people are putting my CV forward for some jobs but not really sure they are my kind of thing.


Blogger Katie said...

Hi little White smurf, I've used that stuff, it's wierd isn't it? I alwats feel like I squirt too much in my ear so haven't used some for ages, I bet my ears are minging!

Glad to know that food is being a comfort to you, always brill to sit and eat when you feel ill.
Feel free to comment on my blog if you want, you'll find it on Ouch's excellent weblog as you'll see on Ouch I love writing on it all the time

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