Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I got the job spec from the person that is going to be interviewing me today, you see the job I applied for only had a 5 line ad so I knew nothing else.....So I am sitting here reading it thinking "god, can I do corperate fundraising?" The thing is I know I can, I know in some small way I kick ass and who better to represent the charity and eek money out of companies then a guide dog owner themselves....If I say so myself my dog is stunning (see picture, but ignore me and the article I had know idea such crap could be written!) and that helps the cause too. I just know my stupid head is going to getting mixed up and everything I have ever done will disappear from my memory.

Going to hopsital for an appointment tomorrow, hope it all goes well and get the results I wanted and can get the tests I need. I hate hospitals, such damn depressing places. Short of giving you a medical history of myself I think I am going to go to the doctors tomorrow as well as my other ear is now hurting, think have infection in that one now. Its making me a little grouchy and "under the weather" as my mother would say.

What delights may we have recorded on sky+ tonight!


Blogger Katie said...

Hi Little White Smurf, Loved the picture of you and your guide dog on the news article. I agree with you that the article is a bit rubbish. One idea that you could do to do corporate fundraising for Guide Dogs, is to devise a questionnaire and ask guide dogs about maybe what service they have had or have they found it useful? Something along those lines are how you could do your corporate fundraising and research. What do you think about doing that? Maybe you could phone Damon to ask him for his opinions on it?

Hope all these suggestions are good and useful. Also hope that your hospital appointment goes well too.

9:57 PM  
Blogger BloggingMone said...

Little White Smurf, I know I am a bit late because your job interview must be over right now, but anyway: Your guide dog is stunning, you are stunning and who - if not a stunning guide dog owner with astunning guide dog - would be a perfect choice for this job? Hope you told them! In case it didn't work out: it is their fault and they will regret it - sure!!

10:16 AM  

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