Monday, September 26, 2005


Well, been a while since I blogged here....whats gone in my life. Got an interview for the guide dogs job I applied for. V pleased but quite nervous-its on thursday at so if anyone is reading this wish me luck! I feel a bit funny about it as I went to the same office for another guide dog job a month ago and didnt get it. Its a really small office and I am not the sort of person you forget so it will be like "hi, its me AGAIN".

Went and got a suit for my interview from that 100 quid, I hate wearing that kind of thing, it really isnt me at all, but I want to show them I mean business.

Been doing lots of reading up on interview techniques and stuff and one thing they keep mentioning over and over is eye contact and how important it is to give off the right signals. I am rubbish at eye contact, although I try and do it and know that it is very important, I don't do it automatically or subconciouslly I really have to think about it. I think this might be one of my subtle reasons why I am not getting jobs. I don't want to make a big deal of being visually impaired and don't really know what to say. I think maybe I look a bit vacant and passed people and if the lighting is wrong I just look where the voice is coming from. This isnt good and I hope I am wrong and that people interviewing me understand my issues.

Oh well off to cook dinner and watch some sky+ my boyfriend has just got it and I didnt realise how cool it was actually going to be!


Blogger Katie said...

Hi LWS, Hope you are well and that you aren't too stressed about your exciting job interview! I wish you all the luck in the world sweetie, for it!

Here's a few tips I find useful for interviews.

be calm throughout the interview a nd think positively about all the questions that you get asked. If you can give eye contact it does help but you don't worry about it if you can't. Try and research the job you're going for as it always impresses the interviewer if you have knowledge of the job you're applying for. Ask full questions and not short ones.

Hope all the advice helps you sweetie! Email me afterwards to say how it went. Don't be too nervous either, you're a star!

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh,I know all about eye contact and how important it is *he groans*. Well, LWS, i can't do it. I really cannot do the eye contact. I don't even bother. I do look at people's faces so, I just assume my eyes may be in the direction of theirs.

Oh, i feel so uncomfortable in suits, the whole jacket thing. It's not me really to be honest. It isn't. However, It is smart though and, I like being smart generally. I suppose if we had jobs, we might feel differently about that kind of dress, in time.

who knows.

3:35 PM  

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