Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lady of leisure

I seem to be rubbish at keeping my blog up to date at the moment not sure quite why...Think it is because I am now being a lady of leisure knowing I have a job to go to soon and dont have to bother with the whole job hunting thing and stress about unemployment. Still dont have a start date as yet and got the weirdest and scariest of phone calls on friday evening.

Picked up the phone and is my boss to be, she launches in to polite conversation and then breaks in to "I am really sorry you didnt get the job we gave it to some with more research experience and just generally somebody who had all round my knowledge of the organisation etc". My heart sank at this point and I really didnt know what was going on, I interrupted her as I had to and said, "but you called me up last week and told me I had it". As I was saying it she said "Oh my god" and to cut a long story short she thought that I was one of the unsuccessful applicants. She dialed my number by accident. The shock of all this nearly gave me a heart-attack honestly! After getting off the phone I still wasnt entirely convinced that she knew whom I was and she had offered me the job so I called her back to confirm, she was very appologetic and realised what a boo-boo she had made but luckily she did know whom I was and the job was mine for sure!!

Changing the subject a bit, I watched The Ring on sunday with my boyfriend, I dont know if you have seen it but I found it VERY traumatic, I am such a girl I cant deal with all of the suspense, the music, I just get swept along in the way the filmakers what you too with absolute terror! I had to freeze some of it and watch it slowly frame by frame with the volume down so I didnt get too freaked out. It left me feeling a little odd for the rest of the day I have to say.

Thats about it for now....keep reading sorry I have negelected blog for a bit :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Sorry for lack of presence around these parts, I guess nobody is checking in on me any more!

My abscence has largely been down to illness, I have been feeling really awful the last week with a nasty ear infection that seemed to take over my entire body, have just finished my antibiotics and my ear feels fine now but am still a bit washed out and tired. It sounds so stupid that an ear infection can make you feel so rubbish.

So, thursday 9.15am I get a call, "hi, its Julie from Guide dogs"
"hey I reply how are you?"
"fine and you?"
* I am feeling really down and a bit disheartened and dont want to have a phone call with someone telling me I didnt get the job and how crap I am*
She then went on to say "thank you for coming in for interview the other day it was really great meeting you".....*at this point I was about to butt in and say can you just give me some feedback please*
She said "Are you still interested in the job?" at this point I am silent not really underestanding and thinking that I have been unsuccesful yet again.
"If you are, the job is yours?" now I am in abject shock, my heart flutters and I just don't know whats going on.

So, finally after a year and one month of leaving my last job and 23 interviews later, I have finally hit the jackpot. I had no idea that it was going to be so hard and such an emotional roller coaster. I naively thought, I had great qualifications, lots of experience and worked for a really prestigous media organisation that getting employment would be a walk in the park. How wrong I was.......

Being visually impaired is a hard thing for employers to grasp, people just assume you cant use computers, you will never be able to find you way to work and will be a total alien. This is just so not the case, I have travelled all over Europe, America, and done soooo much cool stuff. I didnt ever really consider that my eyesight was such a big deal to people. I don't know what the impact of having albinism is as well on employers. Do they look at my pale golden hair and alabaster complexion and think I am the walking dead??? I just don't know, I have no hang ups with it all so find it really hard why other people would be-human beings are weirdos! Coincidently and I think it is a coincidence, I dyed my hair for the guide dog job and what do you know I got it.....don't think that really had anything to do with it, but then I guess I will never know.

Anyway so thats it really, have entered the land of the living again and am now going to be working in the corperate fundraisingy part of guide dogs......how cool, I am really excited and nervous all at the same time but just so relieved its actually all over!

Just booked a holiday to Munich with my boyfriend to go to the christmas markets at the beginning of December, should be lovely!

Thats it really, now off to check if ill bloke on couch is still alive (bless him xx)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Quite simply life sucks....Ear is getting slightly better but have been in agony for the last few days.

Still not heard from guide dogs about the job so assume I have not got it, wish they had the courtesy to ring me and let me know...


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Beside myself


Just a quickie, thanks for everyone that reads comments on my blog, emails me etc.....

Have horrendous ear infection, deaf in one ear the whole inside my ear is totally blocked and apart from my face being in agony having a little fever and drugging myself up on paoinkillers, I have got a constant ringing in my ears.....My big sister is a GP I just called her as I cant get to the doctors til tomorrow, I have some antibiotics from something else I had recently and so she said it would be ok to take them......DREADFUL, being VI, I need my ears, my balance is really bad any way and having one ear screwed up really doesnt help!

Nothing else to say, going back to bed!

All I ever do is moan! Not heard from job think not got it but they did say I would hear this week. Still dont think I have got it though!

Boyfriend is ill with gout so we are a right pair of losers!