Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lady of leisure

I seem to be rubbish at keeping my blog up to date at the moment not sure quite why...Think it is because I am now being a lady of leisure knowing I have a job to go to soon and dont have to bother with the whole job hunting thing and stress about unemployment. Still dont have a start date as yet and got the weirdest and scariest of phone calls on friday evening.

Picked up the phone and is my boss to be, she launches in to polite conversation and then breaks in to "I am really sorry you didnt get the job we gave it to some with more research experience and just generally somebody who had all round my knowledge of the organisation etc". My heart sank at this point and I really didnt know what was going on, I interrupted her as I had to and said, "but you called me up last week and told me I had it". As I was saying it she said "Oh my god" and to cut a long story short she thought that I was one of the unsuccessful applicants. She dialed my number by accident. The shock of all this nearly gave me a heart-attack honestly! After getting off the phone I still wasnt entirely convinced that she knew whom I was and she had offered me the job so I called her back to confirm, she was very appologetic and realised what a boo-boo she had made but luckily she did know whom I was and the job was mine for sure!!

Changing the subject a bit, I watched The Ring on sunday with my boyfriend, I dont know if you have seen it but I found it VERY traumatic, I am such a girl I cant deal with all of the suspense, the music, I just get swept along in the way the filmakers what you too with absolute terror! I had to freeze some of it and watch it slowly frame by frame with the volume down so I didnt get too freaked out. It left me feeling a little odd for the rest of the day I have to say.

Thats about it for now....keep reading sorry I have negelected blog for a bit :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, well, it's funny you should mention the job thing. Have a read at mine for my new post. It's fairly funny in amongst the cursing I'm doing at Age Concern. Honestly! Well, say no more.

I've seen the Ring. Yep, it is a worrying film. What's worse is the DVD version comes with the very video clip that the victims wathed. The blooming DVD comes with a warning about watching the clip! WEll, I started watching the clip (central to the film) I chickened out a little way through but, being a bit of a blindie, it took me a while to find and press the stop button. By then, the clip near finished! YOu ca imagine what a sleepless night I had glancing over at my monitor every so often. Oh, never again! Yeah, right lol.

7:13 PM  
Blogger BloggingMone said...

Dear me!! That phonecall must have been a NIGHTMARE! Watching the "Ring" can't be worse, I suppose...
Enjoy your leisure time!

7:48 PM  
Blogger Damon said...

s'just a good job that the phone call didn't come after you watched The Ring, really. ;)

2:58 AM  
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